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Our innovative technology enables the end-users to overcome the challenges in Chemical Mechanical Planarization. Our pads will significantly improve removal rate, planarization, and uniformity as well as minimize pad deformation during polishing, therefore, will eliminate the pad conditioning process. Semiconductor companies will save millions annually by adopting SMART PAD.

Our Company
SMART PAD LLC was founded in 2018 by Dr. Sunghoon Lee and Mr. Goo Youn Kim to commercialize a completely redesigned CMP pad for the semiconductor industry. 
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Our Products
SMART PAD’s revolutionary CMP pads are composed of customizable non-porous microstructures on the surface of the polishing pad and an elastic sub-layer.
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Leading companies in the semiconductor industry such as Intel, Samsung, TSMC, SK and Hynix have been neck-and-neck in the race to develop advanced processors and/or memories.
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